Account alerts

Account alerts display messages during manual bill entry or can completely block a bill from being entered.

You enter Account Alerts on the Account Properties page.

Alert options dropdown menu


  1. Warn—Display a message during bill entry and saves the bill
  2. Block—Display a message during bill entry and prevent save

Effective Date: Enter the date range for the alert. The end date can be blank. All bills entered or imported with an end date on or between the account alert effective dates trigger an account alert.

Set a Block alert for a building scheduled for demolition in three months. Set the effective date for when the block should start.


SU27 reports on all account alerts.

Importing bills and account alerts

The import process also honors account alerts.

All Warn alerts are displayed in the Flag Details tab.

The bill is NOT imported and produces a kickout if the account alert is set to Block.

Manual bill entry messages

A variety of ways exist to display messages during manual bill entry.

  1. Account memo. Displayed for any linked meters on the account.
  2. Bill note. You can add a note to any bill during manual bill entry or in the bill import file.
  3. Account alert. If the date range of the bill is during the effective period of the alert, this message appears.
  4. Bill entry note. Created at the meter level and displays on screen during manual bill entry.