Record Import Formats

Record import formats let you create multiple emissions records at one time. You can import a spreadsheet or CSV file from another application, or use a CarbonHub template.

In the Records module, under Record Imports you can review the results of your imports, add notes, and download your error files.

Create import formats

It's easy to create a record import format and if you are a UtilityManagement customer you'll notice it is similar to a bill import format.

To create the import format:

  • Give your import format a descriptive name so you know when to use it.
  • Select the date format used in the file.
  • Specify the number of header rows to skip when processing the file.
  • Map each piece of record information to a specific column. You must map at least one emissions calculation detail. If you have information for both use and cost you can map both.

Import errors

When your import file has errors, you can download the error file and fix your errors. Use Import Records and Use a Template option to upload your error file.

Review your results and repeat the process if necessary.