Configure SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are available for:

  • Sentinel Alerts
  • Custom Alerts
  • PUE Threshold Alerts
  • Offline Notifications


  • Reliability. SMS is not dependent on the internet, so you can receive notifications straight to your cell phone.
  • Speed. Expedite response times to unexpected behaviors, so that you can adjust your operations before they impact your energy bill.
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking. Keep track of energy savings and progress toward project goals in real-time.

Configure your account for SMS

  1. Set your mobile number in My Account.
  2. Check your SMS credits level.

Configure alerts

On the Notifications page, edit any alert and add the SMS option.

If the SMS option is unavailable, it means you don't have sufficient funds. You'll need to request a top up with the pencil icon. This request is sent to your billing account user.

What if I run out of credit?

If you have set up SMS notifications and run out of credit, you will receive an email notification indicating that SMS notifications have stopped.