Sentinel Trends

Sentinel is a smart software engine that predicts what your energy use should be at any time for all your circuits. It continuously compares your real energy use against the predicted one to discover unusual energy performance.

Monitor your energy performance

Most dashboards will show you consumption levels, and you need to spend hours discovering if start and end times are correct and if power levels are expected for that given day.

(no context, what should you do now?)

With Sentinel Trends we overlay your consumption with the predicted levels, so you immediately know if you’re on target or if some of your circuits require attention.

(consumption is on target, move on)

To access Sentinel Trends, click on Sentinel Trends on your Dashboard's top menu.


In addition to allowing you to monitor and benchmark the performance of your building at all times, Sentinel enables you to be alerted as soon as inefficiencies and abnormal load demand are detected, for easy savings.

(consumption was abnormally high that afternoon, great that Sentinel sent an SMS text to the floor manager to return consumption back to normal)

To enable Sentinel alerts, click on Notifications Settings. Create new Detectors for the circuits you want to be alerted for and that’s it!

Any deviation from the expected consumption triggers real-time notifications visible on your Home page, or sent by email and SMS.