State of New Jersey

You can aggregate meter data when a building has 4 or more tenants and one of those tenants does not account for more that 50% of the energy consumption in a 12 month period. This is called the 4/50 rule.

Declined data releases

You can easily see when a tenant declines a data release. 


The meter remains hidden and a yellow banner remains on the building stating that the data is incomplete.

After the release is declined the building owner cannot request the release again, unless a new account is opened with the associated meter. If the decline was made in error, the building owner can delete the meter and import it again.

Submit data manually to ENERGY STAR

Data is automatically submitted to ENERGY STAR when it is available. You can manually submit data.

In the Buildings and Meters module menu, under ENERGY STAR, select Submit to ENERGY STAR.

Filter options

  1. Choose a building group.
  2. Choose a date range.
  3. Select the months to submit.
  4. Submit.
  5. Review the log.