Add a map with Create (plus sign)

The Create dialog provides quick access to manual bill entry, importing files, and creating common objects.

Click the plus sign and then Add Map.

Fill out the Map Settings form

Additional Settings

Choose what information you want to be available for viewers.

How to view commodity information

You can choose how to display commodity metrics—highest to lowest or lowest to highest—or you can select the specific commodities you prefer to see.  *This selection does not impact the building totals.

Visual indicator on map

You can benchmark your buildings from the map. A visual indicator shows the relative Energy Use Intensity (EUI, MMBtu/floor area/year) or Cost Intensity (cost/floor area/year) based on your display settings.

The map circles are relative in size to each other. If your map circles look incorrect, check to make sure the buildng floor area is correct for each building.


When you hover over the black dot representing a building, the tooltip displays more building data.