EnergyCAP Home

EnergyCAP Home helps you manage your users and their access to applications (UtilityManagement, CarbonHub, and SmartAnalytics).

Login to EnergyCAP Home

Use the URL and enter your email address.

You can select one of your recent applications or go to EnergyCAP Home.

Switch between applications

After you login it's easy to switch between applications or go back to EnergyCAP Home.

Open multiple applications 

You can keep the current application open and right click on the menu and open another application.

Join an organization

After you are invited to join an organization it is listed on the left hand side. If you have more than 100 organizations you need to use the search function to locate and open it.

Some organizations may decide to to let anyone with a specific email domain to join automatically.


If you are an administrator you can complete the following tasks:

  • Edit the organization name.
  • Change access control settings.
  • Invite users to join the organization. When you subscribe to more than one product, the user is created automatically in each application.
  • Invite users.
  • Delete users and pending invitations.
  • Add a child organization. Only if the organization is configured to have child organizations, for example, Utility Providers and consultants.