EnergyCAP 7.14 release notes

This release includes two new features, Report Distribution and Advanced Custom Fields, and multiple enhancements to Reports and User Groups.

Report distribution

Report distribution lets you schedule any SSRS report to be emailed to one or more user groups on a schedule you define. Choose a report, configure filters, decide how often to send, and select one or more user groups to receive the report.

As with shared reports and dashboards, report distribution honors the topmost restrictions assigned to each user.

After your distribution is configured you can use the Actions menu to test the report by selecting the Send test to me option. You can also send the report immediately to designated recipients without impacting the configured schedule. When a user is made inactive, they will no longer receive the reports.

Reports can be emailed to non-EnergyCAP users by adding their email address to the appropriate group. This email address creates a limited user with the Basic Contact role and the default topmost permissions configured in your System Settings.

Report Distribution in Version 7 has been designed based on user feedback and suggestions. This feature is separate from the Report Distribution features that were available in Version 3 and Version 6. Please note:

  • Any existing version 6 Report Distribution will not be converted to Version 7.
  • Version 7 Report Distribution only works with SSRS reports. Legacy report (Crystal reports) cannot be scheduled for distribution in Version 7.
  • Report Distribution features in Version 6 will be disabled on October 31, 2021. Please use Version 7’s new Report Distribution features to configure an ongoing emailed report.

New user role

The Basic Contact role has view only permissions to the Dashboards and Reporting modules. A user assigned the Basic Contact role can be updated to another role at any time.

User group enhancements

User group management is updated and now has a dedicated tab on the Users and Roles page. User groups are managed in the application and with setup spreadsheets.

Report enhancements

  • Configured reports—The most used reports have been configured and saved with common settings to make finding and using reports easier.
  • Additional help—New instructions have been added for each SSRS reports. You’ll find tips for commonly used filters and settings.
  • Dedicated help page for each report—Included with the new instructions is a link to a dedicated help page in the Help Center.
  • Report alternatives for legacy reports—When you run a legacy report you’ll be notified if there is a newer report available.
  • Related reports—Links are available to jump between related reports.

Three configured versions of Report-01.

Updated Help Center pages

Report alternatives.

Custom fields for rate schedules

Custom fields are now available for rate schedules. You can now use the PDF or Document option to upload contract documents from your vendor. As new rate schedule versions are created you can upload new contracts and have multiple versions of your documents over time.

Advanced custom fields

Several new advanced custom fields have been added. These advanced custom fields let you add details, instructions, and provide more information to other EnergyCAP users.

  • ImagesAdd images to enhance your EnergyCAP database. Include pictures of buildings, meter locations, and more.
  • Documents/PDFs—Now you can save workflow instructions, forms, and other information.
  • Formatted text—Save longer messages with formatting like lists, links, and more.
  • JSON—Save formatted information that can be used by developers to enhance your workflow and integrate with other systems.

New reports

Report-09a Invoice Format

Report-09a creates bills formatted to look like a standard utility bill. These bills are easy for your customers to read and understand. You can configure the chart to display use or cost and it is overlayed with the meter’s weather data. You can combine this report with Report Distribution to have bills automatically sent out on a regular basis.

Report-41 Bill and Batch Spreadsheet (Excel only)

An Excel report helpful for the accounting team that provides bill-by-bill details. This report helps you match up data coming from vendors or going to Accounting systems.

Report-43 Database Statistics (Excel only)

This Excel report has multiple tabs providing information on meter and bills counts, detailed information on bill creation and age, and the types of bills being created. By default, the report includes all data created through the last full calendar month.