EnergyCAP 7.19.5 release notes

Quick access to cost center and account reports

We’ve made it easier for you to run reports by adding a Reports button to the cost center and account pages.

To help you get started, we’ve selected the most impactful reports and configured the filters for you, all you need to do is select a report and pick your preferred file format.

Advanced options for configured reports

You can use the Configure Advanced Options to

  • See the full set of filters used for the report
  • Subscribe and receive the report on a set schedule
  • Further configure the filters and create a new report

See more reports

If you want to see more reports for a specific object, try the See more option. This takes you to the report module filtered to that specific object.

Improved management of cost centers and organizations

The All Cost Centers page shows all your cost centers on one screen and works like a bill list. You can filter the list to find specific cost centers and then take actions on them.


All Accounts shows all your accounts on one page. You can filter the list to find specific accounts and then take actions on them.