EnergyCAP 7.0.1 release notes

While we've been developing EnergyCAP Version 7, we've also had an internal goal of being able to update EnergyCAP's software more regularly with new features and bug fixes.

The first result of these process improvements is already available! This morning we released update 7.0.1 to EnergyCAP Version 7 - less than two weeks after going live with version 7.0. 

Here are a few highlights from the release (full details included below):

  • Improved user experience when creating Cost Centers and Organizations. These processes now use EnergyCAP Version 7's integrated help panel to assist users as they create these items.
  • Improved experience when using mobile browsers
  • Improved handling of non-supported desktop browsers
  • Inactive users can now be "reactivated"
  • Better handling of "last updated" dates for Buildings, Meters, and Accounts
  • Improvements to EnergyCAP's menus

Keep your eyes out for regular EnergyCAP updates and enhancements!

New Features/Improvements

  • Improvements to Cost Center creation/editing process [ECAP-4683, 4684, 4774]
  • Improvements to Organization creation/editing process [ECAP-4687, 4688, 4773]
  • Improve "updated data" handling in Building, Meter, and Account APIs [ECAP-5246]
  • Improvements to prepare for Bill Export [ECAP-5320, 5365, 5399]
  • Support dynamically disabled menu items [ECAP-5353]
  • Enhancements to support advanced login features for partners [ECAP-5395, 5406, 5442, 5443]

Bug Fixes

  • Current Account/Meter information now used properly when searching during Bill Entry from an existing Bill List [ECAP-5368]
  • Setup Spreadsheet Menu resizes properly when the browser is resized [ECAP-5374]
  • Modify permissions required to view Bill Export Settings [ECAP-5404] 
  • Non-supported browsers do not accept click actions [ECAP-5405]
  • Show Edit Button when viewing Inactive Users [ECAP-5448]
  • Improve scroll area for filters when viewing a Report [ECAP-5456]
  • Buildings without Meters should be handled properly when selected within a map [ECAP-5463]

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