EnergyCAP 7.0.3 Release Notes

Another batch of EnergyCAP updates were released yesterday as part of EnergyCAP Version 7.0.3 (less than two weeks after our previous update!). We're continuing to expand Version 7's functionality while also making some updates based on your feedback.

Here are a few highlights of the changes you'll see next time you log into Version 7 (full details included below):

  • Account Line Items on bills can now be added, edited, and removed just like Meter Line Items. It's now easier than ever to manage all of the line items on your bills -- whether you're entering new bills or updating old ones
  • GL Records can now be edited through the application. This is a function that previously could only be performed in the EnergyCAP installed client or with Setup Spreadsheets.
  • A new report installation process has been developed to help our self-hosted customers stay current with the latest EnergyCAP report updates. It can be run within the application without assistance from an IT administrator.
  • EnergyCAP Version 7 now supports an additional language: Portuguese.

We hope you're enjoying getting to know EnergyCAP Version 7. Feel free to use this forum to post your own feature suggestions and vote on suggestions from others.

New Features/Improvements

  • Account Line Items can now be added, edited, and removed from the Bill Entry screen. [ECAP 5185]
  • GL Records can now be edited through the application -- both the name of the GL Record as well as the values assigned to each Subcode field [ECAP-4175, 4604, 5507]
  • "Install Latest Reports" feature added for self-hosted clients [ECAP-5167]
  • Emailed Reports show in the Recent Reports list [ECAP-5412
  • Improved multi-lingual support including the addition of Portuguese as an available language [ECAP-5397, 5101]
  • Better handling of administrative users in EnergyCAP Professional databases [ECAP-5462]
  • Enhancements to prepare for the Accounting Export functionality [ECAP-5413, 5414, 5415, 5416, 5417, 5454, 5455]
  • Data cleanup for voided bills [ECAP-5539]

Bug Fixes

  • Better bill handling when the Approval System is turned off in a database [ECAP-5392, 5449]
  • Last login date is now being updated properly when users log into Version 7 [ECAP-5362]
  • EnergyCAP bill PDF downloads properly from Bill Lists and the View Bill screen [ECAP-5470]
  • Resolved issue with AN27 Report and the "Number of Years" filter [ECAP-5361]
  • Various UI cleanup items [ECAP-5447]
  • Advanced Bill Import Files now accept both "VPR" and "V/P/R" as valid column headers [ECAP-5515]