EnergyCAP 7.1.0 release notes

We've been working on some significant updates to EnergyCAP Version 7, and we wanted to let you know what's coming soon. We plan to release EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0 to our Enterprise, Express, and Professional customers on May 23.

This release includes some significant improvements to EnergyCAP's Setup Spreadsheets. In case you haven't used Setup Spreadsheets before, they provide a quick and easy way to setup your EnergyCAP data and perform updates to some of the most commonly used items in your database (Buildings, Meters, Accounts, Vendors, etc.). After the 7.1.0 update, you must download and work with newly formatted Setup Spreadsheets -- previously downloaded Setup Spreadsheets will not process properly going forward.

Here are some of the most significant updates included in EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0:

Improved Setup Spreadsheets. We've updated Setup Spreadsheets to:

  • Align terminology between Setup Spreadsheets and the application
  • Improve error checking and data integrity
  • Improve field descriptions and instructions
  • Remove redundant data and information
  • Shared Bill Lists. We've added a new feature to create Bill Lists that can be shared with other users within your organization. This has been a highly requested feature, and we look forward to seeing how our customers use Shared Bill Lists to simplify their workflow processes. (We've also included new permissions in EnergyCAP Version 7 for viewing and editing Shared Bill Lists.)
  • Monthly Channel Data Charting. We've updated the Channel Data charts on Meters to include monthly data. You can now select and chart any Channel Data being tracked on a given Meter.
  • Manage Bill Entry Headers. A new option to manage "Bill Entry and Export" settings is available from the Bills Module Menu. You can select the specific fields that are available and required when manually entering or editing a bill. We've also included some new Bill Export options that will be used with future functionality.

There are lots of other smaller updates included in EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0. Full details about the update are included below.

New Features/Improvements

  • Setup Spreadsheet enhancements [ECAP-5046, 5336, 5422, 5696, 5800, 5955, 5956]
  • Setup Spreadsheets auto-generate GL Records for Meters associated with Accounts properly [ECAP-5954]
  • Shared Bill Lists [ECAP-5775]
  • Improved UI features/styles [ECAP-5629, 5768, 5840, 5843, 5950]
  • Bill List improvements [ECAP-5420]
  • Interval Charts include monthly data [ECAP-5777]
  • Bill Audit APIs [5649, 5760, 5761,5762, 5807, 5809, 5810, 5811, 5812, 5832, 5834, 5895, 5896, 5897, 5898, 5899, 5900, 5902, 5905, 5906, 5909, 5910, 5911, 5952]
  • Improved handling of User-Defined Auto Groups and their members [ECAP-5794]
  • New APIs for moving objects in bulk [ECAP-5817, 5818, 5819, 5820]
  • Approval System enabled by default in all EnergyCAP Version 7 databases [ECAP-5824]
  • Manage/Display Bill Entry settings [ECAP-5855]
  • Manage/Display Bill Export settings [ECAP-5856]
  • API performance improvements [ECAP-5829, 5842, 5861]
  • Improved error handling [ECAP-4653]

Bug Fixes

  • EnergyCAP Bill PDF Report (Report-09) can handle 100+ bills properly [ECAP-5707]
  • Empty rows in Bill Import Files are now skipped [ECAP-5883]