EnergyCAP 7.10.2 release notes

The latest updates to EnergyCAP Version 7 (Release 7.10.2) are now available for all EnergyCAP hosted databases. This update is focused on improving your EnergyCAP reporting experience.

Sliding Date Range and Report Subscription

A new option is available to select a sliding date range for Report-22. Use the Alternate Sliding Period in conjunction with Report Subscription and you will automatically receive an updated report each month.

Select Alternate Sliding Period and it replaces the highlighted filters.

The report is sent to your email address entered in EnergyCAP. Simply select the attachment type and frequency to send the report.


Improved webhook tracking with a new column–Triggered By. This lists the EnergyCAP user that triggered the webhook.

Details from each webhook execution are now more readable, if you want to see the exact API response consider using your favorite developer tools.

Report Improvements

An updated layout for the Reports module makes the screen easier to read. This updated layout also lets you right click on any report and open it in a new tab.

When you search for a report EnergyCAP remembers your search terms. When you return to the screen after viewing or running a report your list is still filtered with your search terms.

Additional options are available directly from the report list in My Reports or Reports Shared with Me. No need to open the report first:

  • Run the report directly from the list
  • Subscribe to the report
  • Update report subscriptions