EnergyCAP 7.1.2 release notes

It's just three months until EnergyCAP's Catalyst Conference, and we're looking forward to seeing many of you and showing off the latest features of EnergyCAP Version 7. As we march toward Catalyst, the team has been hard at work building new features for EnergyCAP v7 while also improving the look and feel of existing features.

To that end, our latest release (Version 7.1.2) includes a number of improvements to make using EnergyCAP easier, smarter, and friendlier. Here's an overview of the new features and updates that our Enterprise, Express, and Professional customers can begin using now:

  • Trend Charts Available While Entering Bills. We've added newly redesigned trend charts when entering or editing a bill. These new charts update dramatically faster than the ones available in v3. We've also redesigned the charts, so you can view charts for each of the meters on your bill simultaneously.
  • Easily Create, Move, and Delete Accounts, Cost Centers, Buildings, and Meters. In both the Buildings & Meters and Accounts modules, you'll find new options for managing your hierarchies in the menu. You can now move and delete multiple items at the same time! This has been a long-requested feature, and we believe that it will save you a lot of time whether cleaning up your hierarchies or setting them up for the first time. Let us know what you think about this new feature.
  • Quickly View All Bills in a Batch. We've provided quick links to see all of the bills created as part of any batch. Click on a batch name from the list of batches to open a bill list that is pre-filtered for the bills in the batch.
  • Quickly View All Bills Created During an Import. We've provided quick links to see all of the bills created when importing bills. Click on the number of bills successfully imported next to each Bill Import record to open a bill list that is pre-filtered for the bills in the given import.
  • Update Channels Setup Spreadsheet. You can now update all of your interval data channels in bulk using the new Update Channels Setup Spreadsheet. Change channel types (odometer/trip), multipliers, and other settings in one easy place.
  • Lots of Great Chargebacks Work. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the changes that the team has been working on in the background. We're actively designing and building the next generation of EnergyCAP chargeback features, and we can't wait to show them to you at Catalyst in September.

We hope that you're finding EnergyCAP v7 easier, smarter, and friendlier to use. If you have suggestions or comments, let us know in our user forum.

New Features/Improvements

  • New/updated Move and Delete APIs [ECAP-6017, 6025]
  • New "Manage" screens for moving/deleting Buildings & Orgs, Meters, Cost Centers, and Accounts [ECAP-5830, 5831, 5837, 5839, 6021, 6029, 6032]
  • New APIs for navigating hierarchy data [ECAP-5475]
  • Setup Spreadsheet improvements [ECAP-5396]
  • Context Sensitive Help infrastructure [ECAP-5584]
  • Align filters between Report-10 and the Place Performance Comparison widget [ECAP-5802]
  • Improvements to the Bill View API [ECAP-5828]
  • Improve performance of actions taken from Bill Lists [ECAP-5841]
  • New UI Components [ECAP-5844]
  • Add trend charts to Bill Entry/Edit screens [ECAP-5845, 5864]
  • Infrastructure for improved Bill View screen [ECAP-5925, 5928, 5929, 5948]
  • Automated testing improvements [ECAP-5951]
  • Update Channels Setup Spreadsheet [ECAP-5959]
  • Bill Export improvements [ECAP-5960]
  • Dynamic Bill Lists for Batches [ECAP-5961, 5962]
  • Dynamic Bill Lists for imported bills [ECAP-6024]
  • Chargeback design and implementation [ECAP-5964, 5965]
  • Report infrastructure improvements [ECAP-5967]
  • Improved performance when searching for an Account during bill entry [ECAP-6001]
  • Comments can be added when importing Readings [ECAP-6058]

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handle certain conflicting dashboard filters [ECAP-5742]
  • Channels created in the EnergyCAP installed client now editable in v7 [ECAP-5992]
  • GL Records properly handled when new Meters are created with Setup Spreadsheets and an existing GL Record already exists [ECAP-6005]
  • All valid commodities display when creating Meters and Rates [ECAP-6007]
  • Reassigning a Meter to a different Account works properly even if the Rate Schedules have different casing [ECAP-6016]