EnergyCAP 7.1.4 release notes

We're excited to tell you about some of the latest EnergyCAP Version 7 features that are now available as part of Version 7.1.4:

  • EnergyCAP Version 7 Help is now available — including context sensitive help. We took a fresh approach to help documentation and have developed a completely new help system for EnergyCAP Version 7. All of the content has been updated to ensure that only the most accurate and helpful information is available. We've also made finding help content easier by providing links to relevant help topics on each page of the application. If you have a question, check the help menu for a list of frequently asked questions/topics.
  • Redesigned Format for Viewing Bills. We've updated the format for viewing your utility bills to make them easier to view and understand in EnergyCAP Version 7. Based on feedback from users, we've rearranged the layout to make the most important information more visible. The look-and-feel is now more consistent with entering a new bill. Bill notes and the timeline of each bill are now easier than ever to find. Bill status indicators, the ability to quickly move forward/back through your bills, and meter subtotals are just some of the helpful features we've included to make your bills more accessible.
  • Manage Bill Import File Formats in Version 7. Easily setup and manage the formats for each of your bill import files from the Bills module menu. All of the file formats you've created in EnergyCAP Version 3 can be managed (and deleted!). You can also setup new file formats. NOTE: After a bill import file format has be created/updated in Version 7, it may not work properly when attempting to import bills in Version 3. Please use Version 7 to import bills with any file formats created/updated in Version 7.
  • The Interval Data Module Makes Its Debut. We know that importing interval data and meter readings into EnergyCAP is a common task for many of our users, and we've made the process for managing your data easier to use and easier to find with a dedicated Interval Data Module. New options are available for configuring/managing specific file formats for importing interval data (all data types can now be imported). You can also upload interval data from anywhere in the application using the Create Menu. A list of historic imports made in Version 3 and Version 7 are available in the Interval Data Module — you can also add comments to any specific import to provide context and other information to your team.

In addition to these changes, the team has been working behind-the-scenes on EnergyCAP Version 7's redesigned chargebacks features. We're going to have a lot of new features to show at our Catalyst Conference in two months! It's not too late to register — we hope to see you there!