EnergyCAP 7.3.1 release notes

We’re only one month into the new year, but our development team has a lot of exciting news concerning EnergyCAP Version 7. We've rolled out two significant updates to EnergyCAP in the past few weeks (Version 7.3.0 and 7.3.1). With these releases, we've both added new features to EnergyCAP while also moving several more features from Version 3 to Version 7.

Here are some of the most significant Version 7 updates to start off the new year:

  • Automatic interval data rollup included in bill calculations — The new EnergyCAP chargeback engine will now generate bills with 15-minute, 30-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly interval data. (Previously, only monthly data could be used to generate chargeback bills.) This enhancement should eliminate some workflow steps and additional processing for many of our chargeback clients!
  • Bill calculations can now include demand values — We've added the ability to include peak demand values in bill calculations. Select a demand channel or enter a fixed demand amount, and the chargeback engine will include a peak demand value on the generated bill. You can use 15-minute, 30-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly interval data for demand calculations — the highest value within the billing period will be used as the peak demand value.
  • Bill split parent information available from meter/account properties — When viewing the receiver of a bill split calculation, the bill split source information can be viewed from Properties > Chargebacks.
  • Simplified interval data management — The Interval Data tab is now visible for all meters with a simplified layout for creating and managing channels. We've also simplified interval data charting to make viewing your data easier than ever before.
  • Easily add, edit, and delete interval data — We've added the ability to enter, edit, and delete readings on all of your channels from the redesigned Interval Data tab. Now you can view, update, and annotate your data all in one place.
  • Bulk edit channel data using Setup Spreadsheets — A new Update Readings spreadsheet lets you quickly filter and download a specific group of readings. With this spreadsheet, you can modify, delete, mark as estimated, or add a note to existing readings in a structured and easy-to-use format. We've also added a new Create Readings spreadsheet to easily upload new interval data to existing channels.
  • Create and manage submeter routes — We've added Routes to the Interval Data module in EnergyCAP Version 7. Easily create, edit, and reorder submeter routes.
  • Enter readings for routes with new Setup Spreadsheet — A new Create Route Readings spreadsheet is available for recording submeter readings and uploading them into EnergyCAP. Select a specific route, and a structured spreadsheet is downloaded with all of the required information needed to properly read the meters on the route. Simply upload the completed spreadsheet to EnergyCAP when you're ready — we even keep a copy of the original spreadsheet to help track down any issues. NOTE: Because this process uses standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheet functionality, submeter readings can even be recorded on smartphones and tablets — even without internet connectivity.
  • Continued performance enhancements — These releases also include a host of performance enhancements that make EnergyCAP Version 7 faster and easier to use.

Additional updates included in this release:

  • Improved layout of account memos on bill entry/view screens [ECAP-5683]
  • Enhanced Interval Reading APIs [ECAP-6936, 7024, 7065]
  • New/updated Routes APIs [ECAP-7018, 7019, 7020, 7022, 7023]
  • New setup spreadsheets (Readings, Routes) [ECAP-6937, 7015]
  • Updates to Interval Data tab [ECAP-6947, 6950, 6997, 7041]
  • Manage interval data [ECAP-6950, 6997, 7063]
  • New reports release for the EnergyCAP Enterprise Installed Client [ECAP-6975]
  • Update batch filtering as the user makes changes instead of after clicking apply [ECAP-6119]
  • Improved user interface performance and experience [ECAP-6327, 6564, 6572, 6578, 6579, 6580, 6582, 6584, 6601, 6617, 6644, 6673, 6677, 6682, 6701, 6716, 6773, 6799, 6815, 6839, 6843, 6844, 6852, 6865, 6867, 6868, 6872, 6873, 6897, 6909, 6913, 6914, 6920, 6935, 6940, 6946, 6954, 6973, 6995, 7023, 7058]
  • Automatically switch to "all reports" if "recent reports" has no values. [ECAP-6595]
  • Additional chargeback APIs [ECAP-6747]
  • Additional lookup APIs [ECAP-6774]
  • SDK enhancements [ECAP-6800]
  • General Ledger (GL) record and subcode features available for all customers regardless of license [ECAP-6810]
  • Automatically update module settings to show inactive items when navigating to an inactive item [ECAP-6854, 6866]
  • Enhance chargeback engine to handle non-monthly use channels and demand values [ECAP-6927, 6942, 6943, 6944, 6933, 7001]
  • Show bill split parents on meter and account properties [ECAP-6945]
  • Improved error handling during interval data import [ECAP-6861]
  • Resolved issue with hierarchies getting stuck when navigating to an item that does not exist [ECAP-6973]
  • Canceling a bill edit will return you to the original bill list [ECAP-7026]
  • Resolved issue with Use vs. Weather chart where data was not displaying [ECAP-7031]
  • Improvements to search look and feel [ECAP-6603]
  • Setting a fixed value of zero cost for a bill calculation now displays correctly [ECAP-6826]
  • Accounts cannot perform bill splits to themselves [ECAP-6840]
  • Resolved issue with the cumulative normalization charts not showing [ECAP-6862]