EnergyCAP 7.3.2 release notes

The latest version of EnergyCAP will roll out to all hosted databases by the end of the day. This update includes enhanced setup spreadsheet functionalitysetup spreadsheet integration for interval data and routes, and a new budget comparison report.

  • Enhanced setup spreadsheet functionality – Setup spreadsheets provide a convenient option for creating and updating data in bulk within your EnergyCAP database. We've updated the setup spreadsheet download/upload process to make managing your data even more intuitive. All of the setup spreadsheet actions have been consolidated into a single icon—create new data, update existing data, and convert items all from a single menu. The upload process has also been improved and provides better feedback after processing your file. After you upload your file, EnergyCAP highlights your entry in the log and displays a banner at the top of the page with the status—green is good (everything processed without errors) and red means you still have some errors to resolve.
  • Easier route readings setup spreadsheets – The new setup spreadsheet icon also makes an appearance on the Routes page. Setup spreadsheet actions for routes are now available from this icon—providing quick access to download a new readings spreadsheet or upload recorded route readings. This feature simplifies the setup spreadsheet process and allows you to manage route data without having to navigate to a separate page.
  • Easier interval data setup spreadsheets – Because we liked the idea of quick and easy setup spreadsheet access for routes, we've added a similar feature for interval readings. While viewing interval data, you now have quick access to download existing readings, edit and/or delete readings, and upload your changes all from one place—no need to navigate to another page. Plus, we’ve made the download friendlier by automatically selecting the channel you are viewing when you download readings.
  • New budget comparison report – If you've configured a budget in EnergyCAP, you can now track your progress relative to your budget with a new EnergyCAP report—Report 05: Budget Report. We’ve consolidated 20 legacy reports (Crystal Reports) into one new report (SSRS). At the same time, we improved the formatting and charts to make the report easier to read and understand. Look for more budget features in Version 7 later this year.

Other items in this release

  • If you've already created a chargeback bill from a submeter reading, you will no longer receive an error message if the reading is later re-processed by the chargeback engine. We'll still make sure that you don't get a duplicate bill, but we are sparing you from getting an error message at the same time.
  • Cost Avoidance features are under development and should be available in Version 7 soon!
  • We improved report distribution behind the scenes to include the most updated Crystal reports and SSRS reports (report distribution sends reports automatically on a scheduled basis). Look for a Version 7 report distribution interface in the coming months.

Other items in this release

  • Internet Explorer (IE) users are properly notified that IE is not supported
  • Resolved issue downloading bill import error files while importing multiple files in a single zip
  • Setup spreadsheet page enhancements
  • Removed Microsoft SQL dependency on Service Broker features
  • EnergyCAP Installed Client requests can now be routed through the Version 7 application server
  • New report distribution API—replicates functionality of legacy rpttsk tool
  • "Ignore" chargeback engine errors generated when a bill already exists for a given reading
  • Improved help options when working in a dialog