EnergyCAP 7.3.6 release notes

EnergyCAP 7.3.6 has been released to all hosted databases. This update includes a host of improvements and updates based on customer feedback.

  • Performance improvements when running chargeback workflows—You can now manage thousands of bill calculations and splits in a single chargeback workflow.
  • Additional filter options available—We had several suggestions to update our bill list, report, and dashboard filters to include both the name and code for account, meter, building, and cost center—regardless of the user's personal display preferences. When these items are used in a filter, they will be available with both name and code. This change should make configuring filters quicker and easier for you.
  • GL records now searchable—When assigning or updating the GL record assigned to meters and accounts, you can now search for the record you wish to assign.
  • Size of hierarchies and menus automatically saved—As you adjust your personal preferences for the width of your Buildings and Meters hierarchy, Accounts hierarchy, and other menus, EnergyCAP will save your preference on your computer for the next time you use the application.
  • Cost avoidance improvements—We're getting everything ready so we can turn on all cost avoidance features in EnergyCAP Version 7. As part of this work, we've improved the look and performance of several existing cost avoidance screens including the Trends, Other Savings, Special Adjustments, and Explanation of Savings screens. We've also improved the Use vs. Weather screen and given it a new name, "Baseline", to help clarify where a meter's baseline settings and options are managed.

Other items in this release

  • Download and update interval readings in bulk with new setup spreadsheet actions available on the Readings tab within Interval Data
  • Bill calculation properties display properly when the configured meter is mapped to a rate with multiple versions
  • Timeout settings for your organization are properly honored, and user sessions will automatically extend as long as the user remains active
  • Resolved issue when trying to create building and meter groups from the Create Menu while viewing benchmarks
  • Resolved issue with setup spreadsheets to update custom field values for buildings (proper data and formatting)
  • Improved handling of custom logos
  • Bill lists will load properly even when an improper filter value has been saved (user can correct the issue)
  • Energy use intensity (EUI) trends properly display after 18 months of billing data
  • Improved logging of actions performed in the application
  • Improved experience when working with new and locked dashboards
  • Performance improvements when retrieving cost center information
  • Performance improvements when retrieving GL record information
  • Cost avoidance baseline screen works properly when the meter is mapped to a non-standard weather station