EnergyCAP 7.3.7 Release Notes

EnergyCAP 7.3.7 has been released to all EnergyCAP-hosted databases. This update includes two features migrated from Version 3: rate schedule versions and system settings. Stay tuned for the release of EnergyCAP's cost avoidance features and an updated self-hosted release within the month.

  • Rate schedule versions—You can now manage rate schedule details including unit cost, demand cost, and special line items. These settings can change over time, and they can be used in bill calculations to generate chargeback bills. Rate schedules are compatible between EnergyCAP Version 3 and Version 7—any existing rate details are available to view and modify in Version 7.
  • System settings—Easily manage your organization's EnergyCAP settings including your organization's name, logo, and timeout settings. Administrators have access to these options from the settings menu at the top of the screen.
  • Demand cost available in rate-based chargeback calculations—We've added the ability to include demand cost on bills created with EnergyCAP's chargeback engine. To include demand charges on chargeback bills, setup your bill calculations to calculate demand (either from interval data values or a fixed amount) and configure your cost calculations to use a rate that includes per-unit demand costs.

Other items in this release

Update multiple meters at one time by filtering for the meters you want to update. After your meters are displayed, configure the settings and save your changes. Your baseline and savings will be reprocessed and logged on the Cost Avoidance Calculations screen.

  • Formatting of bill split parents has been updated when running chargeback workflows
  • Fixed an issue with Monthly Use Trend content on dashboards when filtering for a topmost place