EnergyCAP 7.4 release notes

With the release of EnergyCAP 7.4 Cost Avoidance is now available. Version 3 Cost Avoidance is in a read only mode. All updates and processing must be completed in Version 7.

Cost Avoidance Menu

All Cost Avoidance tasks are found in the Buildings and Meters module menu making it easier to manage your configuration.

Cost Avoidance Calculations

The Cost Avoidance processor run automatically after the creation or edit of a special adjustment and any updates to a meter’s baseline.

The Cost Avoidance log screen provides

  • additional logging of all tasks (individual and bulk) regardless of where they were performed (compared to Version 3). 
  • the ability to calculate savings.
  • the ability to reprocess baseline and savings.

Update Settings for Existing Meters

Update multiple meters at one time by filtering for the meters you want to update. After your meters are displayed, configure the settings and save your changes. Your baseline and savings will be reprocessed and logged on the Cost Avoidance Calculations screen.

New Meter Defaults

Configure the default settings to apply to all new meters.

Average Unit Cost (AUC) Range

Before the current AUC is used, it is tested to make sure it is reasonable. This screen allows you to make changes to the default settings.

Explanation of Savings

This screen has been redesigned with an updated color scheme to make it easier to understand and consistent with the application. Details for daily calculations are expandable and found under the graph.

Positive use avoidance (money you save) is color coded green and negative cost avoidance (money you didn’t save) is color coded orange.

Other items in this release

  • Updates to dashboard management
  • Updates to chargeback workflow screens
  • Cost Avoidance performance improvements