EnergyCAP 7.5 release notes

EnergyCAP 7.5 has been released to all EnergyCAP hosted databases. This update includes bill audits, new dashboard content to display flagged bills, and a bill history pop-out window.

Bill Audits

Bill audits have been redesigned so that they are easier to use and provide immediate feedback as you enter bills. They are a powerful tool to validate data and examine your utility bill data for accuracy and unusual patterns.

Bill audits flag a bill and when no further action is needed, the flag status can be set to resolved. You can read more about bill audits and how bill flags function here.

New Flags Tab

To help you quickly identify where your problems are located, objects in the tree now have a Flags tab. This new tab has two subtabs, a Summary tab and a Bills tab. The Summary tab displays a list of objects that have flagged bills.

The Bills subtab displays a list of flagged bills and has filters placed across the top for easy access.

The new Bill Filters button allows you to continue to view your bill list as you change your filter options.

New Dashboard Content

The new Bill Flags dashboard content allows you view flagged bills on a dashboard and provides filters allowing you to create and customize a variety of lists.

Bill History Pop-Out Window

This new bill history pop-out allows you to see billing history while you enter bills or while reviewing a flagged bill. The bill history pop-out window can be left open and will refresh automatically as you view different bills.

During bill entry the graphs update as you enter information allowing you to determine if the bill you are entering is reasonable.

Because it is interactive and automatically updates as you select different bills, the bill history pop-out window can be an alternative to AN27 and Report 12.

Other updates

  • Voided bills cannot be edited.
  • Bill list enhancements.
  • Report filters can accept negative numbers.
  • Cost Avoidance progress displayed during processing.