EnergyCAP 7.5.4 Release Notes

Release 7.5.4 has been released to all EnergyCAP hosted databases. This update includes minor updates to bill audits and an update to the bill import log.

Bill Audits

  • Default settings have been updated for imported bills. Many imported bills were being flagged due to rate schedule and/or serial mismatch. This setting has now been changed to skip this by default. You can enable this on your database if you want to be notified of these errors.
  • The audit for gaps between bills will now ignore a single-day gap between bills. EnergyCAP’s bill entry system assumes that the end date of a bill will match the first day of the following bill, however, we know that this does not always match the billing information received from vendors. For further information on this topic, please refer to Bill Start and End Date Rules.

Bill Import Log

An informational banner has been added to the top of the screen to remind you that all data shown is the result of the bill import and data is not updated as bill issues are resolved.