EnergyCAP 7.6 and 7.7 release notes

The latest updates to EnergyCAP Version 7 (Release 7.6 and 7.7) are now available in all EnergyCAP-hosted databases.

  • Groups and Benchmarks—Based on your feedback we've updated the Groups and Benchmarks module. To improve application performance, system groups have been converted to automatic groups. Group icons have a new look and groups with no members visible to you are hidden in your tree view.
    • Enhanced benchmark charts—the type of data (calendarized, normalized, or actual) is clearly identified on each chart. Buildings or meters with missing data are displayed with a striped blue bar.
    • Ability to manage groups and categories—if your user role has the appropriate permissions you can edit and delete groups and categories.
    • Improved benchmark comparison—filters are now in a side panel to allow more room for charts. A striped data bar indicates a building with partial data.
  • New Auto-Create Group feature—Easily create an automatic group while in the Vendors and Rates module with the new Auto-Create Group button from any commodity or rate.
  • Updated app bar—Updates to the app bar include changes to the display of your organizational name and logo in addition to updates to the help menu, user menu, and search.
  • Custom Building Benchmarks—A new licensed feature is available that allows you to create three additional methods for grouping and ranking your buildings. For example, you could add a building level benchmark for occupancy or class enrollment to compare cost and use performance across buildings. 
  • Updated Sharing Options and New Permissions—We significantly updated your options when sharing dashboards, bill lists, and reports. New user roles and permissions provide greater granularity in managing what users can share and what shared items are visible.
  • User Groups—you can share a bill list, dashboard, or report with one or more user groups. The ability to create and manage user groups is performed with EnergyCAP setup spreadsheets.
  • Unlink accounts/meters—the ability to unlink an account/meter relationship is now available. More details about the options available with this feature are here.