EnergyCAP 7.7.1 release notes

The latest updates to EnergyCAP Version 7 (Release 7.7.1) are now available in EnergyCAP hosted databases.

  • Updated “Create a User” process—A new layout presents easy-to-follow steps when creating new users. The first three steps ask for familiar information: username, password, and roles and permissions. Two new steps are now included: user groups and selecting topmost permissions based on graphical hierarchies.
    • If needed, add the user to one or more groups. By default, all users belong to the group Everyone. New user groups can also be easily added while creating a user.
    • Select the appropriate facilities and cost centers that should be available for the user. Users can now be assigned multiple topmost permissions (additional details below).
  • Multiple topmost permissions—You now can select multiple topmost access levels for a user in the facilities and accounting trees (previously, each user could have only a single topmost for facilities and a single topmost for accounts).
    • Both the facility and accounts hierarchies are displayed side-by-side for easy comparison.
    • Set the permissions on one side and select the Match button to have EnergyCAP automatically select the matching objects in the adjacent hierarchy or manually select the options for the user.
  • NOTE: Users with multi-topmost selections cannot be managed with the update users setup spreadsheet.
  • Users assigned multi-topmosts cannot login with Version 3.


  • Review and Edit a User—Select a user from the Users screen to review their information. Edit individual cards as needed.
  • Updated Reports module layout—A redesigned page layout makes it easier to search and find a report.
    • Your Saved Reports folder is now named My Reports, similar to My Bill Lists and My Dashboards.
    • You can delete a report from My Reports.
    • The filters panel has moved to the side of the report list and remains visible on wide screens.