EnergyCAP 7.2.2 release notes

The latest version of EnergyCAP has been released, and it includes improved interval data optionschargeback enhancements, and updates based on feedback received during our recent Catalyst Conference. Here are some of the release highlights:

  • Additional interval data options – We've expanded the list of available interval data types that can be tracked on meters (e.g., custom weather data can be tracked on any meter). Additionally, decimal values can be saved as channel multipliers. You'll see these improvements when you create or edit an interval data channel on any meter.
  • Enhanced interval data import – We've added new options when you're importing interval data. Readings can now be marked estimated when they are imported, either a meter import ID or a channel import ID can be used to identify the channel to receive the data, notes can be imported with each reading, and interval data files without headers can be processed. You'll see these new features when creating or editing an interval data import format. NOTE: Interval data import formats modified in EnergyCAP Version 7 may only be used to import data with Version 7.
  • Improved submeter chargeback bills – Based on a suggestion made at our Catalyst Conference, we've improved chargeback bills created from submeter readings. If the submeter reading used to create a chargeback bill is estimated, then the chargeback bill will also be an estimated bill. Notes associated with readings used to create bills will also be reflected on the created chargeback bill as a bill note. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Show/hide global dashboard filter on public and embedded dashboards – The new global dashboard filter, that updates dashboard content to show information for a particular topmost place or building group, can now be shown or hidden on public and embedded dashboards. When creating a link to a public dashboard, you will be prompted to select an option.
  • Meter serial number available from account properties – We've added meter serial number information to the account properties screens. This is especially helpful when working with accounts linked to multiple meters (great for troubleshooting Bill CAPture kickouts!).
  • Bill accounting export auto-limited to 10,000 bills – If you attempt to export a bill list to accounting that contains more than 10,000 bills, a maximum of 10,000 bills will be exported at a time. While this process can handle more bills, it can be confusing to users who are waiting for the download to be generated, so we've added a limit. NOTE: Although we've only seen this with users who are trying to clear out old unprocessed bills, this could impact your process if you plan to export lots of bills on a regular basis. 

Additional updates included in this release:

  • Bill notes included when downloading a bill import file from bill lists
  • Charts now labeled as "calendarized data" when viewing bills
  • Better handling of apostrophes and backslashes in search fields
  • Improved handling of interval data channels created with the EnergyCAP Installed Client
  • Most recent login time recorded properly when logging into Version 7
  • Greenhouse gas factors properly linked to meters created in Version 7
  • Interval data imported with no import ID is properly handled and better error messages are included in the log
  • Performance improvements when retrieving buildings and organizations
  • Improved filtering when downloading group setup spreadsheets
  • Added "between" filter for the "overdue days" filter on the overdue bills dashboard content
  • Bill import enhanced to skip text files (.txt) included in uploaded zip files
  • Improved ordering of greenhouse gas information on meter and building grids
  • Fixed issue with submitting bill import files that were downloaded from bill lists but never opened
  • Various chargeback enhancements