First on-premise release

We are pleased to announce that EnergyCAP Version 7 is now available for self-hosted installation. This is the first "production-ready" release of EnergyCAP Version 7 that can be installed locally.

EnergyCAP Version 7 brings many new features and enhancements that make using EnergyCAP easiersmarter, and friendlier like new customizable dashboards, maps of your facilities, redesigned benchmark comparisons, enhanced reporting capabilities, and more.

In addition to making our software easier to use, we've also been working to make the installation process for EnergyCAP Version 7 straightforward for your IT staff. We have created a single release package (zip file) that contains the required database upgrade scripts, the latest files to upgrade EnergyCAP Version 3, the latest Reports, and the installation files for EnergyCAP Version 7. We've also simplified the EnergyCAP Version 7 installation process by providing:

  • A streamlined installation guide for installing/configuring EnergyCAP Version 7
  • A health check tool that can be run on your web server to verify that EnergyCAP has been installed/configured properly and that the required network connections are available
  • A troubleshooting guide to help resolve common installation isssues
  • A new report update process that does not require ongoing IT assistance

Self-hosted customers may request a copy of the latest EnergyCAP Version 7 installation package by submitting a Support Ticket. The current self-hosted EnergyCAP version is 7.0.5 which includes all of the updates included in the, and 7.0.5 releases.

We're looking forward to seeing all of our customers enjoy the new features of EnergyCAP Version 7. Please use this forum to post your own feature suggestions and vote on suggestions from others.