Report Release notes for July 2019

Several new SSRS reports are now available in EnergyCAP. Below you will find a high-level overview of the report with a corresponding screenshot.

These new reports are faster, more flexible, and provide enhanced reporting capabilities that include hyperlinks to EnergyCAP objects. Give these new reports a try to see for yourself!

Report-14 Cost Avoidance

Report 14 is a tabular report that summarizes cost and use avoidance.

Filters help you decide how to group and sort your data and what value is displayed in the report.

This report replaces the following Cost Avoidance reports: CAP01APT, CAP01A-1PT, CAP01A-2PT, CAP01B, CAP01B-1, CAP01B-2, CAP01B-3, CAP01E-0, CAP01E-1, CAP01F, CAP01G, CAP01BU, CAP01EU, CAP01BU-3, CAP01C

Report-22 Building Report

Report 22 is a replacement for YY19a. This report is useful to building managers, showing use, cost, and performance vs. last year (or any prior base year). Create a single page report by department, region, or division by selecting from the Group By Filter.

Report-23 Energy Conservation Report

Report 23 is a Cost Avoidance report and displays both pie and line charts to summarize use and/or cost highlighting the effectiveness of your Energy Conservation Program.

Report Enhancements

  • Report-03: Includes additional account/meter information.
  • Report-11: Includes create and modify by dates and bills notes.
  • Report-21: Added a line chart.