SSRS Reports in Version 7

A new type of report utilizing Microsoft SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is now available with the release of EnergyCAP version 7.

These new SSRS reports are faster, more flexible and provide enhanced reporting capabilities that include hyperlinks to EnergyCAP objects.

When you click on “All Reports” you’ll notice the SSRS reports are listed at the top, these reports all start with “Report”.

A variety of SSRS reports are already available and new reports are in the works. This article provides more information and videos to help you transition to using these new reports.

The following SSRS conversion chart helps you select the appropriate new report.

We have added four SSRS reports with the release of EnergyCAP 7.3.0 and 7.3.1.

Report-05 – Budget Report

Report-05 replaces 20 crystal reports. (BT01 through BT08) This report compares budgeted and actual values.

Report-11 – Excel Bill Transfer Format

Report-11 replaces BL23, BL23A and BL24. It is useful for exporting bill data and has minimum formatting that allows for easy data transformation. It is a very simple way to export bill data in a standard format.

Report-15 – Meter Summary by Period

Report-15 replaces BL01. This is a tabular report with individual bills for each meter and includes demand, cost and use information. It is useful to get a view of bills over time.

Report-18 – Bill Line Item Report

Report-18 replaces BL16 and provides a list of bill line items, grouped and sorted by bill line item name. This report can be filtered by caption or observation type. The Excel file is separated into multiple worksheets, with each sheet corresponding to a different Observation type.

The following reports have been updated and/or bug fixes applied.

Report-02, Report-03, Report-11, Report-12, Report-15, Report-18, YY10