New weather data provider

Starting May 1, 2019, our weather data provider will be The Weather Company, which is owned by IBM and hosts the popular Weather Channel.

1) Why are you changing from AccuWeather to The Weather Company (TWC)?

We have had a long and outstanding relationship with AccuWeather and have greatly valued their service.  However, TWC is now offering highly localized hourly data in an interface format that provides a better technology match with our weather data platform and provides expanded analysis possibilities for the future.

2) Will the change in service impact my reporting or my savings calculations?

No. The historical weather data from AccuWeather will not be impacted. The change in service is only for new weather data. We have implemented validation checks to ensure the completeness and quality of the new TWC-provided weather data.

3) Will historical data be impacted?

No. We have executed a license agreement with AccuWeather that allows us to continue to use pre-May 2019 daily data from the 14,000-station AccuWeather database. No existing data in EnergyCAP will change.

4) Can I have confidence in the accuracy of ongoing data?

Yes! There can be insignificant variations due to data rounding and exact weather station geo coordinates, but a comparison of the AccuWeather and TWC data showed the variations to be within 0.1%. Be assured that validation checks are in place to prevent invalid data from any source or by any means from degrading the weather data our customers have trusted for more than 25 years. Ground stations sometimes experience power outages, sensor failures, extreme wind, ice and snow, and other events that interrupt routine data capture. TWC (and AccuWeather) uses sophisticated weather models to identify and correct gaps and unreliable data points.

5) What weather data will you be providing?

EnergyCAP licensees will be able to receive daily mean temperature data. Questions related to acquiring data for additional weather stations should be directed to [email protected].