Bill Transfer Format (Excel only)

Export detailed bill data to an Excel file. Minimal formatting lets you easily transform the data.

This file is not formatted in a UtilityManagement bill format type and can't be used to create an import file.


When you are reporting on Cost Avoidance, remember to run Cost Avoidance -> Calculate Savings first.


Want to create your own Excel report? This file can be used to create your own charts and tables.

When you select the filter Include quick check columns the following columns are added to your spreadsheet:

  • Meter serial number
  • Native unit cost (meter use unit)
  • Common (rollup) unit cost
  • Load factor %
  • Hours in BP
  • Due date
  • Statement date
  • Invoice number
  • Control code

When you select the filter Include bill attribute columns the following are added to your spreadsheet:

  • Use Per Day
  • Cost Per Day
  • Created Date
  • Created By 
  • Modified By
  • Bill Note

Set your filters

  1. Display Codes, names, or both.
  2. Set the Billing period or Accounting period.

Other filters to consider

  1. Do you want to include only Active accounts? If this filter is not included your report includes both active and inactive.
  2. Do you use Chargebacks and only want to see vendor bills? Or only see chargeback bills? Add the filter Bill is from external vendor, otherwise you see both chargeback and vendor bills in your report.
  3. Include or not include void bills?