Visual Bill Audit

Report-12 is a trend line charts let you quickly spot abnormal use, cost, or unit cost. This report lists each bill and the prior 23-59 months of bills for an account/meters and includes a data table with the most recent 13 months of bill detail used in generating the charts.


This report is designed to visually audit current bills, you should either set the Billing period to a recent month, choose a recent Batch, or set the Bill entry date to see bills recently entered.

Set your filters

  1. Do you want to include only Active accounts? If this filter is not included your report includes both active and inactive.
  2. Include or not include void bills?
  3. Set the Number of comparison years. This sets the number of historical years to use for comparison to the current bill.
  4. Set the Billing period.
  5. To limit the report to a subset of data, set a filter such as Topmost place, Building group, or Commodity.

Other filters to consider

  1. The filter Cost is useful to reduce report size by filtering out low-cost bills that may not need review.