Cost Avoidance Summary

Report-14 is a data table that summarizes BATCC Cost, Actual Cost, Cost Avoidance, and Cost Avoidance percentage. The report can be sorted on any column.


Remember to run Cost Avoidance -> Calculate Savings first.

Set a range of Billing periods (for example, current fiscal year) otherwise the report includes all the months beginning with the Savings Start Date of each meter and ending with the most recently processed bill.


BATCC is the Baseline Adjusted to Current Conditions, the pre-energy management baseline that has been adjusted for weather and other variables for a like-to-like comparison with the current bills.

Set your filters

  1. Set the filter Group by for what is displayed on each row.
  2. Choose how to Sort by. You can sort the report by what you choose for each row with the last option Group by. Sort by Avoidance % to see where you are saving the most.
  3. Choose the Value.
  4. Set the Billing period.
  5. To limit the report to a subset of data, set a filter such as Topmost place, Building group, or Commodity

Other filters to consider

  1. Do you want to include only Active accounts? If this filter is not included your report includes both active and inactive.


Building report sorted by building.