Report-17 and 17a

Missing and Overlapping Bills by Meter

An Excel report that identifies gaps and overlaps in utility bills.

Gap only report

If you want to report on gaps only, use Report-17-GAP and Report-17a-GAP.

Identify three different problems

  • Months with no bills
  • Gaps in bills
  • Overlapping bills

No bills

Does each month have a bill?

  • 0 - no bills in the month
  • 1 - one bill in the month
  • 2 - two bills in the month


Months marked pink and blue have a gap (you indicated the acceptable gap when running the report).

If you enter 1 as an acceptable gap, months with a gap of 2 or more days are pink or blue. This means a one day gap is not colored and over the course of a year you could be missing up to 12 days of billing data.


Months marked yellow and blue have one or more days with overlapping bills.

Gaps and Overlaps

Months marked blue have have a gap in billing and also overlaps.


Quickly go to the meter, vendor, or account with hyperlinks.

Set your filters

  1. Set your Billing period or Accounting period.
  2. Color code billing period if allowable gap days is - enter the number of days that is acceptable for your organization to have gaps between bills.
  3. To limit the report to a subset of data, set a filter such as Topmost place, Building group, or Commodity.
  4. Set Only include meters with color coded billing periods to Yes to exclude meters with all bills, no gaps, and no overlaps.