Bill Line Item Report

Bill details grouped by Bill Line Item Caption. You can search for a specific Bill Line Item Caption or Bill Line Item Type.


  • The report is limited to 10,000 line items, it may be helpful to limit the report to a subset of data, set a filter such as Topmost place, Building group, Vendor, or Commodity.
  • To avoid lines with a zero or null value, set the filter, Bill line value to not equals 0 (zero).


You can use this report to see information only line items. (Info_Cost, Info_Demand, Info_Use)

Set your filters

  1. Set the Bill line caption or Bill line item type.
  2. Set the Bill line value not equal to zero.

Other filters to consider

  1. Do you want to include only Active accounts? If this filter is not included your report includes both active and inactive.
  2. Do you use chargebacks and only want to see vendor bills? or only see chargeback bills? Add the filter Bill is from external vendor, otherwise you see both chargeback and vendor bills in your report.
  3. Include or not include void bills?