Monthly Utility Use and Cost (Excel only)

An Excel spreadsheet of monthly use and cost. It can be used as an annual building report for analyzing monthly and yearly use and cost. You can group the report in a variety of ways with the filter Group by.

This report is helpful because it shows both use AND cost per commodity.


By default, this is a one-page summary report, add Group by to have one tab for each object (building, account, etc.).

Set your filters

  1. Select the type of data you want in your report with Data type.
    1. Billing Period Data uses the raw billing data as received from the utility vendor. Billing period data is better when working with accounting functions or charging departments for their portion of bill.
    2. Calendarized data is more representative of monthly use and cost. For year-over-year COST comparisons select calendarized data.
  2. Set your End period. This sets the end month for the report
  3. Number of months sets the number of months in the report.
  4. Number of years you want in the report.

Other filters to consider

  1. Group by to have one spreadsheet tab per object.
  2. Do you want to include all the Commodities, one, or a select few? If you don't add this filter, all the commodities are in your report. Use the Commodity category filter to view more granular commodity data in charts and reports.
  3. Do you want to include only Active accounts? If this filter is not included your report includes both active and inactive.
  4. Do you use chargebacks and only want to see vendor bills? or only see chargeback bills? Add the filter Bill is from external vendor and make your selection, otherwise you see both chargeback and vendor bills in your report.
  5. Include or not include void bills?


A quarterly report for the last 2 years.

One year report with different buildings on each tab.