Estimated Accruals by Commodity

A data table, grouped by commodity, fills in the gap with an estimated value from the end date of the most recent bill to a user-defined end date (typically the end of an accounting period or fiscal year). Uses a simple average daily cost extrapolation method.

You can use the filter Group by and choose meter or place.


The meter report contains more details such as, accrual start date, accrual end date, days, average daily cost, and estimated accrual amount.

Set your filters

  1. Set your End date for the report.
  2. Decide if you want to Group by meter or place.

Other filters to consider

  1. Do you use chargebacks and only want to see vendor bills? or only see chargeback bills? Add the filter Bill is from external vendor, otherwise you see both chargeback and vendor bills in your report.
  2. Include or not include void bills?
  3. To limit the report to a subset of data, set a filter such as Topmost place, Building group, or Commodity.