Energy Conservation Program Results

Pie and line charts for Cost Avoidance summarize the effectiveness of your Energy Conservation program.

The equivalent metric tons of CO2 value listed on Report-23 is the equivalent of the Energy Reduction Impact. It isn't necessarily what you have saved, rather it is putting your Energy Reduction into other terms.

The values used to determine the CO2 Reduction are:

  • Actual Use for the filtered time period (appears at the top IF the report is filtered for USE as the Value Displayed)
  • Actual GHG emissions for the filtered time period (this is not a value listed on this report)  
  • Avoided Use aka Energy Reduction Impact


Remember to run Cost Avoidance -> Calculate Savings first.

Set your filters

  1. Set the Chart values.
  2. Choose what to display with Value.
  3. If you are tracking Other Savings, use the filter Include Other Savings to include those amounts in the report.

Other filters to consider

  1. Do you want to include only Active accounts? If this filter is not included your report includes both active and inactive.
  2. Set the Billing period or Accounting Period.
  3. Do you want a report for each building or meter or a one-page executive summary report? Use the filter Group by to determine how many pages are in your report.
    • Without the filter Group by the report is a one page summary.
    • If you set your topmost to an organization you can group by building and have one chart or data table per building.


Executive summary report for all time.

Building report from 2019 to current.