Anticipated Bills Not Yet Processed (Excel only)

An Excel report to help you identify current anticipated bills not yet processed based on historical trends. This can help to eliminate late fees. Use Report-17 to find missing historical bills.

Set your filters

The first two filters work together. Average processing days is how many days after the last bill’s end date does it typically take to enter the next bill. This number plus Days past anticipated date (an extra grace period) determines what accounts are included as having a missing a bill. TIP: This report identifies bills where the next anticipated bill has not yet been received. Use Report-17 if you want to find missing bills.

  1. Set the Average processing days
  2. Set the Days past anticipated date.
  3. Set the filter Ignore Account if no bills since date to exclude any inactive or old accounts.

Other filters to consider

  1. Do you want to include only Active accounts?
  2. Do you use Chargebacks and only want to see vendor bills? or only see chargeback bills? Add the filter Bill is from external vendor, otherwise you see both chargeback and vendor bills in your report.