This report is only available with CarbonHub.

Emissions Details

Data table to compare emissions by scope and scope category and includes a bar chart with yearly emissions data.  If the GHG Emissions target comparison is turned on, the report compares your base year to the five most recent years.

Set your filters

  1. Set the Date range

    When prior 12 months (offset by excluded months) is selected, the data displayed will be a 12 month period offset from the current month by the number of months set to be excluded from charts in System Settings.

    For example, if the current month is Sep 2022 and the system setting was set to exclude the last 2 months from charts, the date range of the displayed data would be Jul 2021–Jun 2022.

Other filters to consider

  1. Decide if you need to narrow the focus of the report.
    • Select the Scopes you want in the report.
    • Select a specific group of buildings or meters.
    • Set the filter Topmost place name or Topmost place code.
  2. To see the bar chart and  target line on your chart, configure the Target comparison in the Buildings and Meters module menu.