Advanced Conversions

Use this spreadsheet to create advanced conversions between commodities and units.

Setup spreadsheets save time and let you create multiple items at once.

  • The menu displays spreadsheets matching your permissions.
  • Always download a new spreadsheet before you begin adding data because the spreadsheet is populated with information from your database. 
  • To avoid errors when creating different objects refer to the required upload order.
  • To save time when creating many objects, select from the drop-down menu and then copy and paste the value into the other rows.

Format rules

  • Enter all information as text or dates.
  • You can add sheets to the notebook,  only the sheet named DataEntry is processed.
  • Do not rename, remove, or rearrange columns.

Spreadsheet columns

Column Rules

Read-only field

Conversion key Read-only field
Commodity name (From) Select a commodity from the list that you want to create a new conversion for.
Unit category (From) Select the new unit category
Unit (From) Select the unit of measure.
Commodity name (To) Select the commodity you want to convert to
Unit category (To) Select the unit category you want to use for this conversion
Unit (To) Select the unit for the conversion
Multiplier Enter the multiplier to convert the unit of your commodity to another unit. For example, 1 KWh of electricity x 0.003421  = 1 MMBtu
Effective date An optional field. Enter the effective date for this conversion.
Delete Select delete from the menu to delete the conversion or a version.