Manage custom units

Use this spreadsheet to add custom units. You cannot add a custom unit within the temperature unit category.

The spreadsheet has two tabs 

  • DataEntry: this tab is where you add custom units
  • System units: a read-only tab of all system units in the application.

Any custom factor added with this spreadsheet is available in the factors list. Factors can also have multiple versions.

The most recent version is available for selection when working in the application, but previous versions may continue to be referenced to understand emissions data changes over time.

To create new factors or factor versions, complete the required columns in the spreadsheet. 

A minimum of one gas type is required for every factor version.

Spreadsheet columns



Unit ID Read-only field  
Unit Name

Enter the name of the new unit.

Unit Code Enter a unique code.  
Unit Symbol Enter a unique unit symbol.  
Unit Category and Primary Unit Select from the drop-down. The category unit will automatically populate.  
Conversion to Primary Unit for the selected category This is the multiplier  
Delete unit Select DELETE from the drop-down to remove a unit.