Bill list overview

View a group of bills with bill lists. Configure filters to create customized bill lists or groups of bills.


Bill lists

Why create a bill list?


bill list example

Why use a topmost filter?

Use the topmost filter to set the topmost place or cost center for reports. This can narrow or broaden your focus, as it limits the returned data to objects under the specified node of the tree.

Building and meter group filter

Bill lists can be filtered by place and meter groups, this provides two benefits:

Bills lists are found in a variety of locations:

Bill use column 

The bill use column displays the total use from all meters, if applicable*, on the bill. If different commodities exist on the same bill, the global reporting unit is used to summarize the commodities.

When you want to sort your bill list use the columns Use Value and/or Use Unit. 

*Commodities that cannot be converted to energy, such as water or refuse, are not included in global reporting values.

This example bill list displays bills with different commodities (natural gas, electricity, and water), therefore the Use Unit column on the bill list is MMBtu (remember water is not included).bill list

Use Unit and Use Value columns are useful for sorting.

Meter bill list

On a meter bill list the unit cost column does not include account-level charges.

Sort columns

sorted bill list