SmartAnalytics overview

EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics is a real-time energy management and monitoring software for smart meters, sensors, and business data.

SmartAnalytics collects, analyzes, and monitors your interval data.

  • Connect and collect interval data from hardware, files, or through our API
  • Analyze data and backfill gaps
  • Monitor and alert on abnormal or missing data

Information in SmartAnalytics

  • Organizations and sites arranged in a hierarchy
  • Meters and submeters
  • Interval data
  • Rate schedules
  • Users
  • Weather data
  • User-defined KPIs and formulas
  • Project details for M&V

Collect interval data

SmartAnalytics is a hardware-agnostic solution. With a variety of platform integrations and file uploads, SmartAnalytics has the ability to capture data and report in real-time on outliers or missing data

Analyze your data

Constantly monitors your interval data and sends notifications in real-time.

  • Compare actual load to expected load
  • Send alerts for abnormal or missing data
  • Replace bad or add missing data
  • Use heatmaps to visualize your use and explore potential savings


You can configure how and when to be notified when there are problems with a data point.

  • Offline—get a notification when a data point stops receiving data
  • Custom—select the data point, parameters, and timeframes for your notification
  • Sentinel—get notifications when data is outside the expected range


Administrators configure and schedule reports to be sent by email to users.

Operations Analyzer

This heat map helps you understand use patterns and identify savings opportunities. You can also run "What if" scheduling scenarios to see potential energy and cost savings.