Manage bill batches

Batches help simplify workflow processes and reporting. You can manage all imported and manually entered bills with batches.

Purpose of a batch

  • Track bills entered and imported into UtilityManagement.
  • Belong to only one user, with only one open at a time.
  • Can be closed at any time and cannot be reopened.
  • Provides a bill list of all bills in the batch.
Deleting a batch deletes all the bills in the batch.

Batch rules

  • All bills are entered into an open batch. If you don't have a batch open, you asked to open a new batch or you can choose a pending batch, if any exist.
  • Closing a batch does not approve the bills in the batch.
  • Manage batches with the Actions menu.
  • The number of flagged bills in the batch is dynamic and updates as bills and their flags are updated.

Pending batches

You can only have one open batch at a time. If you need to put a batch on hold for any reason, you can change the status of your batch to pending and open a new batch.

  • All bills in a pending batch are not reportable and are marked void until the batch is re-opened or closed.
  • You can have multiple pending batches.
  • Anyone can open a pending batch and continue to add bills to it.

Pending batch actions

If you have an open batch and want to open a pending batch your current open batch will be marked as pending.

Open batch actions

You can change an open batch to pending at anytime. This action marks the bills void and not reportable, and lets you open another batch.