Monthly building budget worksheet

The monthly building budget worksheet lets you update floor area, use, and average unit cost by building and month to adjust the budget as needed. Only white columns should be updated, columns shaded gray should not be changed or updated.

If you need to make adjustments to heating or cooling degree days download the Monthly meter budget worksheet.

After you've entered your updates, upload the worksheet into UtilityManagement to track your progress throughout the year with charts and reports.

Download a budget version worksheet

Use the Excel icon picker to download your budget worksheet.

Set the filters for the worksheet

This lets you download a subset of your data.

Additional options

Decide if you want to force your budget to a specific amount. You must filter to a specific commodity to use this option.

When you specify an amount in Adjust Use, the amount is divided evenly across the selected months up to the total cost.

When you specify an amount in Adjust Unit Cost, this applies an even unit cost across the selected months up to the total cost.

When you force to a specific use, the budgeted quantity may not be exactly equal to the what your entered. You can make more adjustments after you download the sheet.

Worksheet columns

  • Columns are grouped to let you easily show and hide the details of each section. When you hide all the details it's easy to see your overall budget without scrolling.
  • Expand each section to see the previous use and cost and what the new use and costs are after you enter your changes.

Worksheet rows

  • Rows are grouped by month for each building. This grouping lets you quickly see building totals. Expand each building to edit or view monthly information.
  • The topmost row shows totals from all the buildings included in the spreadsheet.
  • Each building's subtotal is shown in the gray row.

Edit your budget

Enter the percentage of change for each area. You can expand each group to see the impact of your changes.

  • Floor are changes
  • Use 
  • Average unit cost

If the Old Monthly Use or Old Average Unit Cost columns have a value of zero, you will see a warning message to expand the columns. In this case you will need to enter the new use or unit cost value.

Budget versions

You can create different versions for your budget and try out different scenarios, but only one version can be active at a time.

  1. Copy the budget version to create a new one.
  2. Download the worksheet and enter your changes.
  3. Upload the worksheet to the corresponding version.
  4. Update the active version in the applications before running a report.

Upload your budget

Use the Excel icon picker to upload your updated budget file. The version of the file must match the version you select.

How to handle errors

When you upload your budget and it has errors, you will see this message.

  1. Download the error sheet, it is named kickout.xlsx. You can close this dialog while you fix your errors. Errors are highlighted red in the spreadsheet.
  2. Try uploading the file again. Remember you can only upload a budget version file to the same version that created it.