Bill calculation demand and other charges


Several options are available when calculating demand for a meter. Configuring this option adds a meter line item Peak Demand from Readings to the bill.

  1. When you use both UtilityManagement and SmartAnalytics, you have the option of linking to a SmartAnalytics data point and using the SmartAnalytics demand data to create a chargeback bill.
  2. Channel readings: For less than monthly demand channels, demand is calculated as the highest value that exists from the start date to the end date of the bill. For monthly demand channels, demand is calculated as the highest value that exists after noon of the start day to noon of the end date of the bill. No demand line is added when the demand channel has no readings.
  3. Fixed amount: Enter a fixed amount for this meter.

edit demand form

Other charges

Meter line items and account line items let you add lines to a bill. 

Line items can be moved up and down as needed.

Meter line items

  1. Fixed Amount: Add more line items by choosing the line type, enter a label and the amount. This adds an exact cost to the bill.
    Add $10 to the bill.
  2. Percentage Amount: Add more line items that are a percent of the subtotal directly preceding the line.
  3. Subtotal: An initial subtotal is added automatically before any bill line items are added. More subtotals can be added as necessary to help with percentage calculations. Percentage line items are calculated using the preceding subtotal.
    add other charges drop-down

    (A) Two charges need to be applied to a bill, a 10% and a 5%. When the charges are inserted, both reference the preceding subtotal.

    (B) If the percent added to the bill is incremental, add the 10% line, add a subtotal, and then add a line item for 5%.

Account line items

Most often account line items are fees not related to meters. Percentage based account line items reference the total meter cost. 

Edit the label for a subtotal to help describe the calculation on the bill.

  1. Fixed Amount

    Add additional line items by selecting the line type, enter a label and the amount.
  2. Percentage Amount

    Any additional line items are calculated as a percent of the total meter.