Custom fields overview

You can create custom fields for many UtilityManagement objects (buildings, meters, accounts). This lets you track additional details and upload documents and images important to your organization.

By adding custom fields you can also create your own groups and then use the groups in reports or dashboards.

Standard and advanced custom fields

  • Standard custom fields are managed in the application or with setup spreadsheets.
  • Advanced custom fields, which let you store more complex information, can only be managed in the application.

Types of custom fields

Mark custom fields as important

When you mark a custom field as important this helps you and others quickly see when a value is missing. Marking a field as important does not make it mandatory.

Any important custom field that is missing a value is shown on the Properties tab. Use the Add value link to quickly add the missing information.

Custom field descriptions

Add descriptions to custom fields to help others know the purpose for the custom field. A tooltip is available for custom fields when the description is entered.

Custom fields explained with examples

Custom Field Information Example
Yes/No A simple Boolean question. Is this building leased?
Integer A question expecting a numeric  answer. District number for this building?
Text Enter free form text. County location for the building?
Date A question expecting a date answer.  Meter install date?
List Create a question and provide a drop-down of answers.

What is the LEED certification level for this building? 

Web URL Enter a specific URL.
Advanced custom fields - can only be managed in the application

Formatted text

Add html formatting and links. Add formatted lists or links to documents.
Image Upload an image. A picture of the building or where a meter is located.
PDF Upload a PDF file. Add workflow instructions, forms, or contracts.
Document Upload documents. Add workflow instructions, forms, or contracts.
JSON Add important configuration information Save formatted information for use by developers to enhance your workflow and integrate more easily with other systems.

Custom field examples

  • LEED Designation - list
  • Building image - image
  • Blueprints - document
  • LEED Application - document
  • LEED Notes - formatted text
  • Johnson Controls Config - JSON

Create your own group with a custom field

Do you need a report for a group of buildings or meters but the group isn't available? Create your own group based on custom fields you create and populate.

Use a group as a filter

The meter groups or building groups you've created can be used in filters.

Manage custom fields

Access custom fields from the object's module menu. 
module menu for buildings and meters