Setup spreadsheets overview

Setup spreadsheets save time and let you create multiple items at once.

  • The menu displays spreadsheets matching your permissions.
  • Always download a new spreadsheet before you begin adding data because the spreadsheet is populated with information from your database. 
  • To avoid errors when creating different objects refer to the required upload order.
  • To save time when creating many objects, select from the drop-down menu and then copy and paste the value into the other rows.

Format rules

  • Enter all information as text or dates.
  • You can add sheets to the notebook,  only the sheet named DataEntry is processed.
  • Do not rename, remove, or rearrange columns.
Your user role and permissions determine what setup spreadsheets are available for download.

Setup Spreadsheet Log

You can access the Setup Spreadsheet Log from the Create dialog or from the Settings menu (Gear icon).

All uploaded files and results are logged. Setup Spreadsheet Logs are user specific and only someone with the Administrator: Full Access role can view all the uploaded files.

While processing a spreadsheet, when UtilityManagement encounters 100 consecutive empty rows the processing is considered complete and the file is closed.

The original upload file is saved and available for download. You may be able to reverse any unintended actions with the original file. Any errors generated from a spreadsheet upload are saved in an error (kickout) spreadsheet.

Filter the spreadsheet log

You can filter the Setup Spreadsheet Log to quickly find file uploads and results.

Upload order when using spreadsheets

Upload spreadsheets in the following order.

For example, when you want to create a meter,  search to find the vendor, rate schedule, and building. If these items already exist, create the account and meter. If not, you need to create the vendor, rate schedule, and building (in that order) and then the account and meter.

  1. Vendors
  2. Rate schedules
  3. Buildings and Organizations
  4. Cost Centers
  5. Accounts and Meters

Create spreadsheets are available for

Update spreadsheets are available for