Create users with a spreadsheet

Setup spreadsheets save time and let you create multiple items at once.

  • The menu displays spreadsheets matching your permissions.
  • Always download a new spreadsheet before you begin adding data because the spreadsheet is populated with information from your database. 
  • To avoid errors when creating different objects refer to the required upload order.
  • To save time when creating many objects, select from the drop-down menu and then copy and paste the value into the other rows.

Format rules

  • Enter all information as text or dates.
  • You can add sheets to the notebook,  only the sheet named DataEntry is processed.
  • Do not rename, remove, or rearrange columns.

Download the spreadsheet

You can find all the spreadsheets to manage users and user groups on the Users and Roles page or on the Setup Spreadsheet Log.

On the Users and Roles page

  1. Click the Excel icon.
  2. Under the Download section, choose Create User Spreadsheet.
  3. Download the spreadsheet.
  4. The name format is yyyymmdd-CREATE_User.xlsx.
  5. Add your information and save.
  6. Use the Excel icon to upload your spreadsheet.
  7. The Setup Spreadsheet Log reports the results and any errors. You can download the error (kickout) spreadsheet from the hyperlink, fix any errors, and upload the error sheet.

    *Not available to Pro and Express users.


The ability to create objects is determined by user role and any limits placed on the user's topmost place or topmost cost center.

Maximum length for codes and names

The column header lists the maximum length for each attribute. When entering data, a red cell indicates the name or code exceeding the specified length. If you upload the spreadsheet without fixing the cell, the row fails to process and an error spreadsheet is created.

Create users spreadsheet details



User Name

User credentials for logging into UtilityManagement.

Full Name

Enter the full name of the user.


Email address of the user.

User Role

Choose a role for the user.

Temporary Password

Enter a  temporary password for the user. The user changes the password on first log in.

Limit Place Access


Choose the topmost place for user access, if left blank defaults to the topmost place of the creating user.

This selection limits the user's access to the buildings and meters tree. The user has access to the this level and below.

Limit Cost Center Access


Choose the topmost cost center for user access, if left blank defaults to the topmost access of the creating user.

This selection limits the user's access in the accounts tree. The user has access to the designated cost center and below.

Recommended Reports Group

Choose from the drop-down.


If blank defaults to yes.

Require Strong Password

If blank defaults to Require Strong Password. A strong password consists of a minimum of 8 characters, containing at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and 1 symbol.

Days Until Password Expires

If blank the password doesn't expire. 1 to 999 days is a valid entry.

Maximum Bill Approval Amount

If blank no limit is set for the user.