EnergyCAP Payments Setup Report

An Excel report containing UtilityManagement accounts that are missing payment account information. You can update the missing payment account fields and import the file into the application.

Set your filters

You can limit the size of the report by setting a topmost cost center or selecting one or more vendors.

  1. Download the report. The filename is Report-48-EnergyCAP_Payments_Setup_Report.xls.
  2. The instructions tab of the report also lists the available payment accounts.
  3. Copy and paste the appropriate account onto the corresponding row on the DataEntry tab.
  4. Save the Excel file.
  5. On the Setup Spreadsheet Log (use the Gear icon to get there) click Import.
  6. Select Report 48 from your computer and click Import.
  7. Review the results in the Setup Spreadsheet Log.


You can configure a daily subscription for Report-48 to know when an account is missing a payment account. Check Only send report if data is available to only receive the report when payment accounts are missing.